Monday, April 15, 2024
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Mission Statement

We are an organisation dedicated to the management of knowledge in companies and institutions. We contribute to developing all potential capabilities and skills aimed at achieving objectives through new technologies and innovative processes that optimise and manage knowledge. We bring about organisational change that allows for an evaluation of a company’s and its staff’s tangible and intangible assets, leading to an improvement in its competitive advantage. We work to help companies bring out their innovative spirit, thereby allowing for rapid expansion and the opportunity to create wealth in benefit of the company’s development.

This is based on the capability and skills of each member of the workforce and Sprint’s network of collaborators and by investing in training, research and technical means that give access to the latest developments and most up to date information. We participate in a constant search for new ideas which contribute to the development of society through innovative organisations that are concerned about the environment and the health and well being of their employees.


Sprint intends to become a leading business in the area of Human Resource Management by harnessing organisations’ talent and knowledge to create added value for all products and services. Our work aims to promote a dynamic, innovative corporate culture that places value on cooperation, entrepreneurial spirit and quality of work as essential components of a fruitful life.

Our commitment

Our commitment to our clients and to society is what underpins the work of Sprint Gestión e Innovación.

Commitment to our clients:

  • Targeting new clients and ensuring their loyalty: prestigious technical reputation, personal and customised service.
  • Continuous generation of new ideas.
  • Technical management focused on projects of particular relevance.
  • Decision making and planning based on a global business vision, accepting the need to change with openness.
  • Flexibility and adaptation to circumstances, with ability to confront difficulties.
  • Promote formal and informal communication, making all personnel responsible for their work in the company.
  • Manage staff performance and recognition.
  • Have a global service mentality and promote team work.

Our commitment to society:

  • An ethical and transparent approach characterises our actions.
  • We promote respect for beliefs and options in keeping with democratic values.
  • We work in the interests of society by promoting economic development, employment and sustainability.
  • We have a special interest in the environment, quality and people.

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